At the end of term 4, 2016, Mr Rutledge will retire and close Scholani. Please read the letter from Mr Rutledge below.

Dear students and parents,

It is with mixed feelings that I announce my decision to retire and to close Scholani at the end of term 4, 2016.
In the twenty years since I founded Scholani, I have had the pleasure of teaching countless fine students. I am constantly impressed by their efforts and achievements, from successful applications for scholarships, Selective School and OC places to winning prizes in writing competitions, public speaking and debating or topping their school classes in NAPLAN and achieving personal bests in other schoolwork. I am proud that Scholani has been able to play a part in their success.
Yet I have always believed – and tried to teach – that marks and prizes are not everything, and for me it has been even more rewarding to watch students learn new skills, think for themselves, challenge ideas and in this way truly progress – indeed, realise the school motto: "Strive, Achieve, Succeed". Seeing them grow in this way has been a constant source of joy and wonder for me.
I give special thanks to my wife Annie, who has been at my side since the day I started Scholani and has worked tirelessly with me to make the school successful.
I also thank all my Scholani teachers, who have worked so conscientiously to teach the skills and study attitudes that are essential for all students throughout their school years. The fact that so many of my own former students chose to return to Scholani to work as teachers makes me very proud and I have been delighted to see how intelligent, thoughtful, reliable, independent they have grown up to be. Thank you to all my teachers.
Thank you too to my fine administrative and technical staff. They have always performed professionally and efficiently in the day-to-day running of the office, liaising with parents on my behalf and maintaining the Scholani website.
Nevertheless, the moment has come for me to move on and I look forward excitedly to devoting my energy to a variety of charity plans and writing projects (including some educational texts), as well as walking, travelling, practising my martial arts and at last enjoying weekends with my wonderful wife and son.
Again, thanks to all my present and past students and their parents, to my teachers and staff for having been a vital part of Scholani. I wish you all the very best. You will be in my thoughts for many years to come.

Nick Rutledge
Director and Principal
Scholani Education College